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Dear Friends and Family,

As some of you may have heard, James, Samantha and I are saying goodbye to New York City, our home for the last 6 years and are beginning a new adventure in SHANGHAI, China. I know this may come as a big surprise to many of you and I apologize that you're hearing this through an email. However, this shouldn't really be a shock as James and I have always loved to travel and Samantha has not slowed us down.

James and I have always talked about living/working abroad for a few years and as fate would have it, a wonderful opportunity presented itself to us - one which we could not turn down. James will be leading a new venture out in Shanghai for Citigroup... you'll have to talk to him to truly understand this new role - but needless to say, it is a great career move for him, and Samantha and I support him 100%. With that, James will be leaving NYC very soon, May 21st and heading straight there. Samantha and I will remain in NYC a few days longer to finalize some loose ends but will leave on Friday, May 25th and spend a few weeks back in Los Angeles before joining James in the middle of June.

This is a very exciting, and hectic time for our family but we're looking forward to this new chapter of our lives with optimistic eyes. We plan to truly embrace the culture, learn Mandarin (Samantha is way ahead of both me and James), and travel throughout Asia as much as possible over the next couple of years. The plan is for 2 years and then we'll re-evaluate our options.

We will miss all of you, but know you will always be in our hearts. And, of course, if you should ever be in the neighborhood, our door is always open. We can always be reached via email and we will update this website so you can follow our journey - we will post lots of pictures, write-up our travels and I will even try to keep up a blog. Just come back to this page for updates, which will be posted soon.

Annie, James & Samantha